Friday, February 17, 2012

Old Window Frame

I love old windows and fell in love with this little one when I found it a few months ago.  I had visions of it painted a chippy white with the dark green peeking through in spots with a vintagey, is that a word - vintagey, print of a bird or nest or something like that. 

However, today I found a sweet old wooden frame that was falling apart, but, it had a fabulous vintage floral print in it. PERFECT!!! I couldn't wait to get home and pull this old window out and replace the print. I even love the green paint with it, so I decided not to paint the window after all.

Part of the charm of this old window is the handle on the bottom and part of the lock still on the top.

Probably the easiest before and after project ever!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A greenhouse just in time for Spring

A new addition to my workshop! We completed the greenhouse seedling boxes this weekend, just in time for Spring...

                                                         ... but with snowflakes fluttering in the wind and the cold temps, we were reminded it is still winter here. I was hoping for more of the white stuff to keep falling, but to no avail this weekend. It is so pretty when everything is freshly covered in snow and it makes the cold weather worth it! This is a pic of our place after a snow in 2009! You have to admit, it is pretty isn't it?

My wonderful husband, Walter, came up with a simple design for this project and the old windows we had stored in our shed were going to work perfectly.

We started by building a box out of cypress lumber.

The box is large enough to hold a shelf and have two levels of seedlings growing! Last spring I coudn't find a lot of the veggies I wanted in small plants and it was too late in the year to start the seeds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a successful new adventure in gardening for me this year. I found a clever idea on Pinterest from using eggshells as the pots to grow your seeds in and once they are large enough you can plant them in the ground, right in the shells.   
Now to figure out how to break the eggs just right for this project. Any tips? Anyways, a couple hours later we hinged the old windows onto the box we built and we were finished for now.

 Now off to warm up and do some reading to learn more about this whole seed growing process!
                                                      'til next time,

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mom + Estate Sale = Fun

Isn't it great when you get one on one time with your mom, especially when you both love to do the same things! We hit estate sales, thrift stores and yard sales all day Friday. What fun we had! Be sure to check out some of our great finds. I'll be listing them this week in my Etsy store and of course keeping some for myself.

This little handmade drawer has a love note written on it. It says I <3 Amber Grant Forever and Always. How sweet is that? Written in red ink along the top of the front of the drawer.

Another favorite find this weekend is a precious baby doll bassinet with a pretty eyelet and pink ribbon cover. It brings back memories. I rocked a lot of baby dolls in a cradle that looked a lot like this one when I was little.

My mom still has the bassinet my brother and I slept in when we were babies that looks just like this one.  Do you have any of your baby things that your mom has hung onto for years?

Visits with my mom are always too short, but cherished deeply.

I hope you had a great Friday also doing what you love to do,