Monday, January 30, 2012


Inspiration can come from so many places. Lately mine has come from following so many creative bloggers and the near completion of my very own workshop!!!!

I have been sharing a small corner of my husband's shop for quite some time now and am so excited to have moved into my own space! All of my "projects" and craft supplies have been moved in and my husband has his space back all to himself. While we are still finishing up the outside of my shop, I am organizing and making myself at home on the inside. Thanks to our warm winter weather we were able to finish the stone foundation this past weekend.

The next step is to make all of this new wood look old. A simple trick will help us tackle this job. By soaking some rusty metal pieces in vinegar overnight and spraying the solution only on the wood the aging process takes merely hours instead of years. Then we can chink in between the wood to hopefully achieve a log cabin look to match the cabin we just finished building in 2011.

My plan is to add a few window boxes under each window, some greenhouse/seedling boxes along the back, paint the front door, get a bigger star to replace the small one and hang a few old implements here and there to add some much needed charm!

I'll be adding more pictures as we complete these projects and show you the inside soon too!