Hi there and welcome! I'm Adina and I'm so glad you've stopped by. 

In 2007, when I married my husband, Walter, we relocated from Florida to a small country town in South Carolina. I am a native Floridian and the saltwater runs in my veins. I love everything beach, boating, sun and sand. Now I am learning to find contentment in the country.

I moved from a condo across the street from the ocean to fifteen acres in the woods. Our property is home to a variety of wildlife, from rabbits, squirrels, birds, wild turkeys, fox and deer. I love the times when they decide to make an appearance or hang out for a while. They are some of the highlights of my country life!

Here are a few pics of the animals.

I'm sure you can see why these visits are highlights!
My husband had a dream of building a vintage log cabin on the fifteen acres we now call home. You can read about that process HERE. We moved here in 2007 and began building in the spring of 2008 and moved into the cabin on Valentine's Day weekend 2010.

We built as we could, while both working full-time jobs. We salvaged and were blessed with a lot of building materials for low or no cost to us. (other than the labor of tearing down a barn, denailing boards, etc.) Our hope was to build our cabin without a mortgage and we did! The cabin is just under 800 square feet. Plenty of room for us to live comfortably and not enough room to keep things that really aren't needed. This helps us to live simply.

The cabin is decorated with vintage and antique items that are functional and decorative. I am always on the hunt for clever ideas for storage and multi-functioning furniture pieces. I love to scour flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, auctions and yard sales to find these pieces. Almost everything in the cabin has been handmade, built or repurposed by us. I'm forever saying "oh we can make that ourselves".  Bringing forgotten pieces and salvaged wood to life has become a much enjoyed hobby.

I started this blog as a way to share our journey, our projects, our home and our lives with others. My hope is to inspire creativity and encouragement. This blog is also a reminder for me to be able to look back on what we have accomplished.


  1. hi adina i too am a florida native and i now live with my daughter her hubs my 2 grandsons out in the country in tn. we have just over an acre which is plenty for us. i remember the excitement i had when i looked out the sliding doors and saw 2 baby deer with their gangly legs out there. i do missed the beach but not the heat lol xx

  2. As it was I was also a beach gal all my life...from CA...until I moved to SC...Clemson area....now in NC....3 hrs from the beach. Our property is set in the woods which I have grown to love and also love the rural neighborhood. So peaceful..as you said...nature and animals surround us...and I do enjoy when we get our animal visitors also. Love your blog and can't wait to see what other surprises you have made out of flea market items. My friends and I live for road trips to see flea markets and antique places. It has become rather an addiction I am embarrassed to say. Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

    1. Hi Char - we are 3 hours from the coast as well. We just got home from a quick birthday / anniversary weekend in Charleston today. I'm totally addicted to flea markets and the like. Most people don't get it, but thankfully there's a few that do ;)