Monday, January 30, 2012


Inspiration can come from so many places. Lately mine has come from following so many creative bloggers and the near completion of my very own workshop!!!!

I have been sharing a small corner of my husband's shop for quite some time now and am so excited to have moved into my own space! All of my "projects" and craft supplies have been moved in and my husband has his space back all to himself. While we are still finishing up the outside of my shop, I am organizing and making myself at home on the inside. Thanks to our warm winter weather we were able to finish the stone foundation this past weekend.

The next step is to make all of this new wood look old. A simple trick will help us tackle this job. By soaking some rusty metal pieces in vinegar overnight and spraying the solution only on the wood the aging process takes merely hours instead of years. Then we can chink in between the wood to hopefully achieve a log cabin look to match the cabin we just finished building in 2011.

My plan is to add a few window boxes under each window, some greenhouse/seedling boxes along the back, paint the front door, get a bigger star to replace the small one and hang a few old implements here and there to add some much needed charm!

I'll be adding more pictures as we complete these projects and show you the inside soon too!



  1. Looks fantastic, Adina! GREAT job!!! I'm excited it's finished. That was fast! I know you will love having your own woman-cave. :) I'm also excited you have your own blog. I'll be following! May the creativity continue on and on...

  2. Definitely loving my own space! We'll be continuing to work on it and I'll post the updates here! Thank you

  3. I found your blog and had to snoop around to find the picture of your log cabin. It was always a dream of my sweet mother to live in a log cabin. I love them as well. Your cabin and property are an ideal setting. Your workshop is evey crafter's dream come true. I am a quilter and I would LOVE to have a cabin to call my own dedicated to all my sewing and quilting notions. I also do various crafts and my 5 grandchildren love to help me create. I'm a retired teacher. Good-luck with your has the makings of being a good one to follow. I will be one of your charter members and voice of encouragement. I'm no super blogger but I do enjoy it. My 350 followers are actually a surprise to me. It amazes me that strangers want to read or look at something I say or do!! Hope you will visit my blog and perhaps become a follower so we can keep in touch. I'll follow you via email and if you do mine then you will be sure to get my new posts and not forget me out there in the blogging world. I have found that the best way to gain followers and keep them is to genuinely comment on blogs you like. The Golden rule applies here. Of course it takes time but that is what blogging requires to be successful. It should never take over your life, only enhance your life. I could see myself in you somewhat in that I married a farm boy I met in college so this small town girl in West Virginia moved 600 miles south to Alabama on a 17 acre farm...I LOVE IT!!! Wouldn't have it any other way after 40 yrs. of marriage, 3 kids and 5 grandchildren later.BTW, turn off the word identification and you'll gain more comments. Bloggers HATE to go thru word ID just to make a comment. MY eyes can't see the letters and I often click off if I reach letter/word ID. I hung in there for you since your new at this!!
    Blessings sweetie
    Gmama Jane

  4. Gmama Jane,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. I'm extremely blessed and am at a point in life where I am embracing each day and what it brings. So much to learn at every turn, from blogging, building my store on Etsy, building a home, workshop, learning to garden, learning to cook, crafting, being an undistracted wife. You name it. Life has been so different these last five years for me, not always easy adjusting to the country, but it has become a very peaceful place for me. I have so much room to grow and sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the opportunities out there. I do work part-time as a waitress 3 days a week at lunch and love my regular customers that come to eat lunch with me on those days. I'm hoping to start a weekly series featuring the construction of our cabin and current projects we are still tackling to add finishing touches, such as creative storage, lighting, window treatments and a sliding barn door for our only closet. The cabin is 732 square feet. Our bedroom is upstairs, a small bedroom and bathroom are in the back portion and the main log part is 18' by 18' and is the living room, dining area and kitchen. A small home definitely causes "simple living", you can't hang on to anything you don't really need. I'm excited to have you follow me and look forward to following you. Maybe it will be a glimpse into what my future might be like:). Again, thank you very much for your encouragement and I'll try to figure out how to fix the word identification thing. (I didn't even know about it)

    I'll be praying for the Pinder family. It's a reminder that we are not really in control of this life here on earth and should appreciate every moment we have with our loved ones.

    Thank you again,