Friday, March 9, 2012

Fresh Rosemary Herb Wreath

I absolutely love the smell of fresh rosemary! I find myself running my hands through my rosemary plant when I walk by it just so that I can smell my hands over and over. Am I crazy or does everyone do that??? I decided that since my plant flourished so well through the fall and winter I would trim it a little and bring some inside to enjoy.

I started with a heavier gauge wire shaped into a circle. Then twisted floral wire around small bunches of the rosemary trimmings and wrapped them around the wire circle until the wreath was equally full all of the way around. It took about ten wired bunches of rosemary for this small wreath. Each bunch was layered over the last bunch to cover the wires.

I added a candle to the center of the wreath and placed it on a cutting board in the kitchen for now. I also thought about hanging it in the window with raffia or a strip of burlap.

You can always add different herbs or even make a wreath out of fresh lavender. Make the wreath larger for hanging or even smaller wreaths would work as napkin rings.

The scent of the rosemary can be enjoyed for weeks like this. Yummy.

'til next time,


  1. Beautiful Job! When we moved to Fl, our Rosemary became the largest bush out front, about six feet high and the circumference, I can only guess-about twelve feet. I trimmed it back so others could thrive. I was able to share with neighbors and still had to throw some away. Ron and I went to a flower show and a visiting florist said, to bring plant parts inside and not worry about little bugs, dip the cut flowers in 1 Tbsp of clorox (bleach) mixed in a large bucket of water. She had five gallon buckets. I love this!

  2. Thank you for the compliment Sue. The rosemary continues to thrive and the mint is taking over. I would have planted them in different places had I known their characteristics. I read and read to learn about gardening and sometimes I take in too much info and it all gets jumbled in my brain. I'm starting a little slower and more organized this year. I have boccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, bibb lettuce, romaine lettuce and scallion seeds growing in my greenhouse right now so I can learn what each one looks like as they start to grow and them plant them in my raised beds soon and start seeds for warmer temp veggies. I'll learn sooner or later.

  3. I love your candle wreath. I too have a rosemary bush and now I can put more of it to use this way! thanks for sharing!