Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Garden Freebies

Celery and scallions for free!

I work part-time at a restaurant and decided to try a tip that I had read a while back. Place the end that you cut off of your celery stalk and scallions in water to grow another plant. I am able to have both of these items from the restaurant anytime, for free, because they normally just get tossed into the trash.

I used a ramekin and toothpicks for this project. It reminds me of growing carrots in a paper cup with toothpicks in elementary school:) These are the results after a week in the water! This is so much easier than starting them from seed and a lot faster too.

The celery is just starting to grow roots and the scallions have plenty of root growth already, so I'm planning to move them into the soil in the garden this weekend.

Do you have any easy garden tips? I'll take all of the help I can get as a newbie gardener.

'til next time,

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  1. What a great idea! Can't wait to try this!

  2. Great idea - thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so fun to watch things growing on a window sill. It brings back childhood memories for me, too. My scallions from seed are growing slow as molasses, and I think it will get too hot to continue growing them here before they're large enough to eat. Next year I'll try your way. Thanks!