Friday, July 5, 2013

Old fence boards turned into Fruit Stand Signs

What's a girl to do when her neighbors fence boards are falling off?
 Sneak over and rescue them of course.
It seemed like weeks that I drove past these fence boards lying on the ground before I decided to pull over and "clean them up" for a neighbor. Now I have a small pile of perfectly weathered red boards. 
While driving past these boards I had been thinking about what I could do with them and I felt inspired to make a couple Fruit Stand / Farmers Market type signs.
What fruit?
Strawberries and Cherries seemed to fit the red color on the boards.
So, I found a font I liked and printed the word STRAWBERRIES. It took four pieces of paper to fit the size font that I wanted.
I taped the backs of the paper together to keep the letters aligned.
First, with the letters face up on the paper, I tried to trace them really hard with a pencil to make an indentation outline of each letter, but the wood was too hard and it wasn't making any marks.
Next try - I colored the entire back side of the letters with chalk and then placed the chalk side down on the board, with the letter side up and traced the letters again. This time the chalk left an outline on the wood.
Using a permanent Sharpie marker I traced the chalk outline of each letter and then handpainted inside of the black outline with white paint.
A quick sanding to distress the letters, a clear matte finish sprayed on the sign and two eyelet hooks added to the top and my first sign was all done!
I repeated the same process to make the CHERRIES sign except I wrapped rusty wire around each end to hang it with, rather than the eyelet hooks.
I have a couple of these boards left, but haven't decided what to do with them yet.
Any suggestions?
'til next time,
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  1. Really love your signs! great way to transfer the letters, and I like that they have the black outline.

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