Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cabin Chronicles Part 9

More flooring...
We created all of our flooring from lumber. Some purchased, some salvaged from a home remodel.
 The upstairs floor was made from 2x4s to create a 2" thick floor
and the downstairs floor was made from 1" thick boards.
You can see how we made the flooring HERE.
This is the only pic I have of the downstairs flooring.
We used 1x6 inch boards for the back bedroom and bathroom floor
and 1x10 inch boards for the living/main room floor.
We did install a thin layer of insulation between the subfloor and the wood floor.
Now that all of the rooms have flooring, it is time to insulate the walls.
This is, by far, my least favorite part of construction. I despise it.
This is the back bedroom getting insulation.
We insulated all of the walls in every room and the upstairs ceiling.
Now the fun part starts. We get to cover the walls.
We used 1" tongue and groove boards to cover the walls and the ceiling upstairs.

We also used 1" tongue and groove boards to cover the bathroom walls
We decided to use T111 boards for the back bedroom, to create board and batton walls.

One wall in the back bedroom is log!

Notice the different shaded boards running vertically along the top of the walls. These are pieces of pallets that we salvaged and took apart. I cut each board at an angle to fill the space above the 8 foot walls and below the slanted ceiling.
We did this in the back bedroom and the bathroom.
Trim boards were measured, cut and nailed around all of the corners, ceilings, floors and windows and that wraps up the building of the floors and walls.
If you are just starting to follow the construction and want to start at the beginning, click HERE.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.
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The next post has the first picture that reveals part of the inside of the cabin after it was completed! The fireplace. Go here Part 10 to see it.

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