Monday, February 10, 2014

Makeover Mondays - Trashy Bread Box

I've been giving a lot of thought to establishing some weekly series blog posts.
My thoughts are going kindof like this:
Makeover Mondays: thrifted finds that were given a new life
Tending the Garden Tuesdays: gardening projects, ideas and tips
What We're Up To Wednesdays: current projects around our cabin
Tasty Thursdays: a recipe using something in season from the garden
Frugal Finds Fridays: my favorite frugal find(s) that week
With that said -
here's my first official Makeover Monday project:
A wood bread box from my dads work.
He saved it from being thrown away because he thought I might be able to "do something with it".
Structurally it was fine.
It was just dated and you couldn't really read the etching on the glass.
It had some contact paper on the inside too.

I took it apart, cleaned, sanded and painted it. I decided to go with black for this one.
I have recently made over two other bread boxes.
One I did white just like this one and a rolltop one that I did in red.
You can see their makeovers here.
After I painted the entire bread box black, I lightly distressed it.
I also replaced the glass on the door with a thin piece of wood.
 I painted it white, then hand antiqued it and painted the lettering on in black.

I used my Sihlouette Cameo to create a stencil for the letters.
I nailed this piece of wood, with the word BREAD on it, to the inside of the door.
Then I reattached the door using the original hinges
and nailed the back on.

That's it - another bread box done!
I still have two more thrifted bread boxes to makeover.
Do you ever have people give you items and say
"I thought you might be able to do something with this"?
I guess it's a compliment.
I love giving a new life to pieces that would otherwise be trash.
Don't you?
Thank you for taking a minute to check out my project
and check back next Monday for another thrifted makeover!
'til next time,
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  1. Another great project. I really like your idea of the weekly posts. I really love your blog :)

    Good Night,


    1. Thank you so much Sherri. I think the weekly posts will help me stay more organized and focused. Send some warm air :) (after our snow storm)

  2. I'm pretty sure we had a bread box similar to that when I was a kid! You did a great job giving it new life. Thanks for sharing at The Makers.
    Corey @