Friday, May 30, 2014

Nautical Wood Paddle Makeover

The saltwater in my veins always draws me to nautical decor.
I'm especially loving the use of vintage oars in home decor right now
I found a pair at a flea market recently.
They are from the New England area and have perfectly weathered blue paint on them.
(here they are, in the right corner in my new booth)
Kelly, from The Lily Pad Cottage, has a fabulous entryway in her lake home in Michigan
using vintage oars as a statement piece on her wall.
Source - The Lily Pad Cottage
 Her entire home is fabulous and so is her blog. You'll want to take your summer vacation there.
Anyways, I'll quit dreaming about her home and get back to nautical decor.
 That pair of blue oars was my inspiration for the theme of my window booth.
"Patriotic Nautical Summer"
While I was planning what items to take,
I remembered I had a thrift store paddle tucked away that needed a makeover
 and it would go great with the theme in my booth.

I sanded the paddle, painted it white, taped off a few stripes on it and cut a number five from my Silhouette Cameo out of sticky vinyl to use as a template.

Then I painted it red, waited for it to dry and peeled off the tape and the vinyl #5.
I distressed it and hand rubbed an antiquing finish on it.


Here it is in my booth. 

This is all making me want to get to the beach.
I love summer, the warmer temps, the ocean and I especially love the red, white and blue!
Here is an outside view looking into my window booth.
The red pedestal bowls in the window were thrift store makeovers too.
I worked on them while I was painting the #5 paddle.
This square one started out as a nut bowl that I removed the nutcracker holder from
 and attached the bowl portion to a candle holder.
Both pedestals were sanded, painted, distressed and oiled with a protective finish.
I added a white pillar candle and rusty star garland to the square one.

Do you have summer plans to go to the beach
or are you more of a cooler temp, woodsy, mountain kindof person?
Either way, I hope you enjoy your summer!
'til next time,  
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  1. How cute! That oar came out great - and you know me, I like my red :-) of course, I am loving the bowl/stand you made too! Your booth is so pretty. Wish I was closer. Yes, I am hoping to get to the beach this Summer...maybe even a weekend stay at one..even though I can easily make a day trip..nothing wrong with that right?

    Hope you have a SUPER BLESSED weekend, Adina...


    1. I hope you get a weekend stay at the beach too, but a day trip is definitely still a blessing! We are planning to go to Charleston in June to celebrate my 40th birthday and our 7th anniversary. They are 6 days apart. I'm looking forward to soaking up the salty air :)
      You know, red is my color.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    2. Definitely, a beach trip for a few hours is a blessing :-) How fun, I love Charleston! Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary ( early)!!!!!