Friday, August 15, 2014

A New Look for Vintage Farmhouse Pictures

Most of the time I buy old pictures for the frames,
but this time I bought two old pictures for the prints.
I really liked the farmhouse scenes and the colors in them,
but they were simply framed with old, plain wood frames that fit the size of the 8x10 prints perfectly
 and they did not have glass.
The prints depicted an old milk can and rusty water pump with wild daisies,
in front of a chippy white sided barn and farmhouse,
I couldn't resist them.
They actually still had the original price tags on the back from Zayre.
Do you remember that store?
There was one a few miles from the home I grew up in, until it closed down.
I decided to freshen the prints up with new frames.
My husband helped me make the frames from reclaimed barn lumber.
I also purchased a double matte, with cream as the top matte color
 and with sage green as the bottom matte color.
When I purchase an old picture for a project and only use the frame,
 I generally save the glass for future projects.
The glass for these two prints came from that stash.
I really like the end result.
These old 8x10 prints look much better now,
what do you think?
'til next time,
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  1. These came out great. They look like we/different pictures all together.

    Have a blessed weekend, Adina!!


    1. Thank you Sherri. I hope your weekend is wonderful too.

  2. i love pics of old farmhouse scenes these are great with the new mats and frames xx

    1. The farmhouse scenes get me every time. Love them too.

  3. These are dreamy! I do the same thing when purchasing pictures or frames, saving the glass, the mats etc to use in other projects. These pictures inspire me to look in my stash for some "new" art.

    1. Thank you Audra. Have fun. I hope you make something you love.