Friday, April 27, 2012

Cabin Chronicles Part 3

Time to raise the roof! 

After a great deal of research and a mutual decision that we could use an educated carpenter at this point we hired one of our neighbors, Roy, to help build the roof rafters.
His experience and expertise saved a lot of time and insured that the roof was built square.

Roy had a lot of handy tips on how to figure the angles and calculate the pitch, making quick work of constructing the rafters. Two support posts were placed in the center of both of the side walls to connect the main roof beam to and then each rafter was measured, cut and nailed to this main beam along the front and the back.

The cabin is definitely taking shape now!

Over the next couple of weekends we framed out a chimney with 2x4s and covered it with plywood.

Notice the blue tarps? They are hurricane leftovers from years of living at the beach. Who would've thought they would come in handy while building a log cabin? They aren't very pretty but they did a great job of protecting the structure until we had a chance to actually get the tin on the roof.

As you can see by the fall colors in the background, we are months into this process now and are working on attaching 1x3s horizontally across the rafters to attach the tin to.

The tarps are finally gone and the tin is on! We have a roof! There is nothing more cozy than falling asleep to the sounds of raindrops on a tin roof.

If you would like to see how this all began read Part 1.

Thanks for following along and there are more posts to come. Can't wait until it's done and I can share the inside projects!

'til next time,

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  1. Holy cow, you're a scrapper! Reading this post about raising the roof on your cabin really brings it home just how dangerous life was for frontier people. I remember the tension when our big roof beam was hoisted into place for our home's addition, so I can imagine the anxiety you were feeling lifting each of those logs into place. Like I said, a scrapper! Your home's story is very interesting, and the final outcome is charming.