Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bottle Brush Trees and Old Wooden Spools

I picked up a bag of old wooden thread spools at a flea market last week. There were 9 of them, 4 of one design and 5 of another. The 4 shorter, fatter spools have graphics from a textile factory in Shelby NC on the tops and bottoms of them.
I had a few ideas of what I thought I would use the spools for.
My first thought was to use them as hooks on a coat/hat rack, but then the cooler weather changed my direction.
I decided to jump ahead a little to CHRISTMAS!!!!
Why not add small Christmas trees to each spool? I dug through my craft stash and found a bag of bottle brush trees that I picked up earlier in the year at a Goodwill.
What a great combination - bottle brush trees and old wooden spools!
This was a super easy project.
Step 1 - cut up a wine cork to push over the wire at the base of the tree and also to fit inside of the holes on the spools.
Step 2 - hot glued the cork into place inside of the spool
Step 3 - pick something to wrap around the spool for decoration and hot glue it on. I wanted to make a few sets of trees, so I used different things. I made two with sheet music, two with a creamy white duck cloth fabric and five with red ticking fabric.
Step 4 - decorate. I chose two tiny plastic deer to add to the sheet music trees and rusty stars to add to the others. (again, just a little hot glue)
Step 5 - your finished, now blend them into your ironstone collection in your hutch or amongst your holiday decor around the house.
Here they are up close:
Sheet music and tiny Deer 
Creamy White and Rusty Stars
Red Ticking and Rusty Stars

Aren't they just darling!
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  1. very nice! I think the sheet music ones are my favorite--love those tiny deer!

  2. Where did you get the tiny deer from?